Consider an Internship

As history majors, it is important to think about how your skills can be transferred to the marketplace.  A lot of you will be working in history-related fields or pursuing graduate school after you leave Messiah, but that does not mean you should not think about opportunities to use your skills in research, writing, critical thinking, organization and analysis in other fields as well.   Why not think about doing an additional internship in law, journalism, public policy, government, business, communications, or some other field.  Here are some dates to keep in mind:

1) The application deadline for a Spring internship (if they wish our assistance) is Friday, October 15.  If you want the Internship Office’s aid in helping you find an internship, you need to move quickly.  Go see Mike True in the Internship Office.
2) Capital Region Internship Fair – Tuesday, October 5 –
Visiting this fair is a great way to find an internship in a variety of fields.  It is also a great way to sell yourself and the transferable skills you have learned as a history major.
3) Experience Harrisburg – Thursday, October 7 – (FREE, but students must register)
Again, another chance to find an internship or work on your ability to present yourself to potential employers.
4) Messiah Career and Graduate School Expo – Monday, October 25 –
All history majors should attend this.  Talk to potential employers.
Whether you do an internship or not, these experiences are essential for you to build confidence in presenting yourself as a history major to potential employers or internship supervisors.

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