Christian-Muslim Relations in Ethiopia, March 28

The Departments of History and Biblical and Religious Studies and the Peace and Conflict Studies program are pleased to announce a talk by Jan Bender Shetler, Professor of History at Goshen College, on “Christian-Muslim Relations in Ethiopia:  What Can We Learn?”.  She will speak on Monday March 28th from 4:00-5:00 pm in Boyer 131.  This talk is also an Alternate Chapel.  Bender explores how Muslims and Orthodox Christians have been able to maintain peaceful relations, particularly in the ancient walled city of Harar, over the last century. She also examines the evangelism and peace efforts of the Mennonite-related Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia as a model for interreligious peacebuilding, while maintaining strong religious identity.  As Shetler notes, “The typical story of Africa is one where things have gone badly, and this is one where people have a culture of peace that’s long lasting and that comes out of grassroots organizations of people working together.”

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