Summer Opportunity

We just received this e-mail regarding a possible professional development experience.  (This will fulfill the history department experiential learning component).  I can send you more information on this project if you are interested.  –Prof. Fea

As an adjunct who has taught Freshman Seminar and also Theatre and English classes at Messiah College.  I believe I have an opportunity some students would really appreciate knowing about.

The project is called: Marcellus Shale–A Question of Legacy.
Summer Professional Development Experiences (PDE) are available for students with an interest in interdisciplinary studies.  My husband and I have 36 acres of land on the Marcellus Shale in Clearfield County. We are developing our property to be a demonstration site of sustainability and permaculture design and as an educational retreat center.

Our project this summer is to set up and conduct interviews with people who have lived through the coal boom and who now have a stake in the Marcellus Shale Development–land owners, municipal officials, county government, business people, etc. Students will also participate in the ongoing work on the land–clearing land, building an outdoor oven, or outhouse? And, planting and maintaining the organic gardens.

The interviews will be turned into a short play and performed in August. More interviews will be conducted throughout the state and throughout the year with a culmination performance in 2012.

There is no compensation, but we will provide room and board. Students can stay in either a camper or tents, which we will provide.

Majors: Environmental Science, Sustainability, English, Theatre, History, Journalism

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