Stouffer Farm Videos

The Oakes Museum of Natural History has posted 14 short videos on their Youtube channel related to our collaborative archaeological venture this spring at the Stouffer Farm near Dillsburg.  In going through them yesterday, I noticed appearances from a number of history students:

  • For an introduction to our work at the farm, see my overview in Video 7 and the tour of the property in (Video 9Video 10, and Video 11) by Ken Mark, director of the Oakes Museum, and Diane Phillips, the owner of the property
  • Video 5 shows senior history major Colin Riddle explaining excavation to elementary aged children on  the Curator Club Day.  Several history students participated in this event for children.
  • Video 6 contains a description of the wall designs by Laura Goodling (Art History major) and Nelly Hoppes (History).
  • Video 1 and Video 8 include discussions of excavation in the outbuilding by myself and Melissa Hogan (history), and we get glimpses of  David Michael (Dr. Michael’s son), Schuyler Miller (Art History), and Colin Riddle (history)
  • Video 12 includes some background images of Colin Riddle (History), Cady Grau (English), and Danelle Nolt (History) on Curator Club Day.


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