Professional Development Opportunity in History and Social Media with the Messiah College History Department

History Majors and Minors,

The Department of History is seeking a student for a Professional Development Experience in digital history and social media for fall semester.  The student will work with Dr. Pettegrew in studying and implementing the use of social media for public humanities today.  He/she will conduct reading in the field of digital history and humanities, contribute to the department’s website, blog, and facebook page, develop LinkedIn and twitter accounts, and research digital projects in history.  The student will participate in a working group in the digital humanities for fall semester and blog about his / her experience.  And the student will develop a digital history project that corresponds with the teaching and research expertise of the History Department faculty.  The student will pursue these activities as a Professional Development Experience through Messiah College’s Internship Center and will work 3-9 hours per  week (40-120 for the semester) depending on the number of credits pursued (1-3). 


Requirements: sophomores, juniors, or seniors; long-term interest in and commitment to public and/or digital history; proficiency in word processing, internet searching, and one or more social media like facebook, google+, blogs, dynamic webpages, twitter, wikis, and linkedin. 


Interested students should contact Dr. Pettegrew immediately for more information.

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