Job Opening at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg

I just learned of this job today.  The deadline for application was last Friday, but if you are interested let me know.  –Prof. Fea


*Job Description: This two year grant funded position will work as an integral part of the museum team to meet all identified goals and timelines for a primarily web-based project intended to enhance educational resources on the Civil War available to teachers, students, and the public. This education focused role is responsible for the day-to-day coordination and execution of project activities, and will be working closely with other staff, volunteers, consultants, service providers, educators and advisors. This initiative is being undertaken in honor of the 150th Commemoration of the Civil War, to improve outreach, to raise the profile of The National Civil War Museum nationally, to sustain and increase partnerships with other Civil War entities, and to improve museum visitor numbers (both virtual and in person).
Additionally, this position will carry out the Museum’s educational responsibilities, which will entail creating, developing and implementing educational programming that incorporates the areas of formal learning, outreach, and continuing education with a view to making learning enjoyable, accessible, and interesting for a wide range of Museum visitors. A fresh, energetic, and fun approach is to be taken to educate on a variety of Civil War topics in a way that will allow visitors to intellectually and emotionally connect with the subject matter.
1. Day to day management of 150th Commemoration project details, working with consultants, staff, and service providers to meet all project objectives and timelines.
2. Responsible for the creation and implementation of a formal education program for school groups, which will compliment school curriculum, support state/national educational standards, engage students, and fulfill teacher needs.
3. Assist teachers/school groups in planning, coordinating, and managing field trips (both in person and virtual) to the Museum. This includes helping teachers to select presentations, making reservations, providing orientation material, and following up with teachers before and after group visits.
4. Creation of teacher packets and material for the website which tie into State and Federal curriculum standards and 21st century skills, in consultation with the museum’s Advisory Committee of Educators.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
5. Make personal contacts and actively develop teacher relationships and promote the museum and web resources to schools.
6. Notify other Civil War organizations of website calendar to encourage submission of material, foster partnerships and web-link opportunities.
7. Research significant Civil War Commemoration events happening nationally and update the calendar with relevant information.
8. Oversee the social networking and web forum content.
9. Play a central role in building a strong presence for the Museum in the community (national, Civil War community, and local community).
10. Play a key role in establishing learning outcomes for Museum programming and work to ensure they are achieved.
11. Advise staff and the public on historical matters as needed, and respond to historical inquiries from schools, students, etc (conducting independent research as necessary).
12. Work closely with the Grant Coordinator, Museum Director, and Curator of Collections to develop grant concepts and to secure income and funding for educational initiatives.
13. Assist with evaluation and work to incorporate feedback into educational resources.
14. Undertake any other duties or projects of a similar nature as may be required from time to time.
Qualifications: Experience and Qualifications
Essential: A Bachelor’s degree in education, history or a subject relevant to Museum subject matter A minimum of one year of professional experience, preferably in a museum or education setting Understanding of curriculum standards and an ability to develop educational programs which tie to Federal and State standards and to 21st century skills
Preferred: A post graduate qualification and/or an advanced degree (in Teaching, Museum Education, History or Museum Studies) Sound knowledge and interest in Civil War history Project Management experience Strong knowledge of web technologies and social networking Teaching certification
Person Specification
Essential: A highly self-motivated, energetic, outcome-oriented individual who demonstrates strong interpersonal skills Ability to take initiative and work creatively Ability to devise, research, prepare and deliver exciting and engaging learning sessions Excellent organizational and planning skills Communicates clearly, verbally and in writing Ability to work independently as well as part of a team Ability to deal professionally and sensitively with a diverse audience and a wide range of contacts at different levels Ability to handle a number of projects and prioritize work Strong computer skills and willingness to learn new programs Commitment to social inclusion and making museums accessible to a wide ranging audience Commitment to the aims of The National Civil War Museum
Application Instructions: Please send your resume, cover letter, and contact information to:
Janice Mullin, Museum Director
The National Civil War Museum
1 Lincoln Circle at Reservoir Park
Harrisburg, PA 17103
or via email:
The closing date for receipt of resumes is Friday Sept 9, 2011 at 5:00pm
Only candidates who appear to have the best qualifications and expertise will be invited to interview. It is thus essential that the resume and cover letter provide a full, but concise description of the nature, extent and level of responsibility for relevant positions held.

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