A Voice from Law School

On Saturday, I posted a link to an article titled “Should I go to Law School?”  Melissa Hogan, who graduated last May, saw the link and updated me about her first semester at Rutgers School of Law.  Here is what Melissa says about her course of study thus far:

“As Dr. Pettegrew mentioned in a recent blog post, there are many history majors who consider law school as an option after they’ve finished their undergraduate careers. I graduated from Messiah just this last year as a History major and at the time of my graduation I was fully set on attending graduate school. However over the summer I came to realize that law school was the path for me and as a result I find myself in concluding my seventh week of classes at Rutgers School of Law bound for a career in international law.

One of my most prominent concerns of law school was that I had absolutely no legal experience, not even a general public policy class. I soon found out that I was far from being the only one. At orientation, our deans and future professors all informed us that all incoming students are in the same boat of ignorance, regardless of your background. I was immediately comforted and soon realized that I was actually far ahead of many of my classmates due to my background as a history major. Much of our coursework is reading, writing, and research; sound familiar? I was simply taking the skills I had honed at Messiah under the diligent tutelage of my professors and applied them to a different mold.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice and I’m finding a whole new world of opportunity and experience is opening itself up to me. But one of the most comforting things is knowing that I can always change my career; my choice is by no means set in stone. Always remember that when you’re making your own decision about post graduate education; there are many paths to choose from and you are more than welcome to change course.”

If you’re interested in law school and want to ask Melissa about her experience, feel free to contact her here

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