Experiences in the digital humanities thus far..

The digital humanities is a field that is characterized by innovation and new methodologies. The new practices of the digital age continues to expand academic fields to meet the needs of scholars and the common inquirer. With the world changing at a rapid pace, ever improving technology allows for scholars to dig deeper in research in the hopes of making better sense of humanity and the world in which it resides. For many, the digital tools in the humanities are useful in two major ways. The first, is that it has become a powerful tool of inquiry that allows one to answer the many questions surrounding mankind. A second use of digital technology in the humanities, is that it allows a person to spread a wealth of information and ideas to others who seek it.

My experience thus far as a digital history intern has helped me to step into a different discipline than others I have studied. The digital humanities has introduced me to new ways of organizing information through programs such as Zotero. Additionally, I have learned to use digital tools in order to help spread information in a digitally connected society. Blogging and using different types of social media (Facebook, WordPress, Video) has helped me to integrate myself in some of the new methods that scholars are using to facilitate learning within the humanities. Over the last month, I have been working closely with several professors of the humanities. Attending digital humanities meetings has allowed me to dabble in the new theories and practices that are being brought to the field. In the following weeks I will be blogging about some of recent experiences of Messiah College faculty over the summer, as well as some of their current research.

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