A summer in review with Dr. Pettegrew

One might picture a summer for a history professor as being locked away in an archive or library. However, the summer of a history professor might not be as research intensive or dry as one might think. To disprove this, Dr. Pettegrew agreed to discuss his experiences during this summer and the types of research that he has been actively pursuing. Dr. Pettegrew recounted his summer as being incredibly eventful, going on several trips and accomplishing a few projects along the way. He recalled that the first part of his summer entailed leading nineteen students on a may term trip to Greece and Albania to engage in ancient Greek historical sites. The focus of this may term trip was to immerse students in ancient antiquity. Research based trips did not end in Greece for Dr. Pettegrew. After his first trip, he traveled to Cyprus to continue his work on the Pyla Kousopetria archeological site. Dr. Pettegrew’s historical research is currently focused an ancient trade route in known as the Diolkos within the isthmus of ancient Greece. Dr. Pettegrew ended his summer spending a week in London with his wife and son James. He explained that he and his family visited a number of tourist sites; some of these sites included boating on the Thames River and seeing Buckingham Palace.

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