History 399–Nationalism and its Discontents

During the Spring 2012 semester, Professor LaGrand will be teaching a topics course called “HIST 399: Nationalism and its Discontents in Modern America.”  I include here a course description:

“Many people today see nationalism as a problem. For Christians, it conflicts with the universal identity of Christ’s church. For Americans in recent times, it seems a constricting, ethnocentric way of thinking of identity. The ideal, we’re often told, is global citizenship. Yet a look at several chapters of modern U.S. history complicates this understanding.  Examining the history of anti-war movements, the civil rights movement, the rise of the new liberalism during the 1960s, and the New Right during the 1970s and 1980s reveals both staunch nationalists as well as anti-nationalists.  In this course, students will engage these people, as well some of the extensive recent scholarly literature on the phenomenon of nationalism itself.”

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