*Confessing History* wins recognition

Congratulations to Dr. John Fea for receiving national recognition of his edited work Confessing History: Explorations in Christian Faith and the Historian’s Vocation (The University of Notre Dame Press, 2010).   Confessing History was chosen last week as a finalist for the Lilly Fellows Programs in Humanities and Arts Book Award, which seeks to award imaginative works that exemplify the principal ideas of the Lilly Fellows Program, including questions of faith and learning, vocation, and the relationship of the university to religious culture.  As the website notes,

Works considered for this year’s award addressed the historical or contemporary relation of Christian intellectual life and scholarship to the practice of teaching as a Christian vocation or to the past, present, and future of higher education.

Confessing History, which John Fea co-edited with Jay Greek and Eric Miller, includes an interesting piece by Fea himself on teaching American history, as well as a chapter by Jim LaGrand on the dangers of ‘preaching through history’. 

At the publisher’s website, the work is described in the following way:

The contributors to Confessing History ask how the vocation of historian affects those who are also followers of Christ. What implications do Christian faith and practice have for living out one’s calling as an historian? And to what extent does one’s calling as a Christian disciple speak to the nature, quality, or goals of one’s work as scholar, teacher, adviser, writer, community member, or social commentator? Written from several different theological and professional points of view, the essays collected in this volume explore the vocation of the historian and its place in both the personal and professional lives of Christian disciples.

The department of history faculty and students will be reading and discussing parts of this collection later in the year.  Look for more attention to Confessing History on this blog.

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