Summer Archaeology Field Schools at Jamestown, Monticello and Poplar Forest

The University of Virginia is proud to sponsor summer archaeological field schools at three of Virginia’s premier historic sites: the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Thomas Jefferson’s primary home at Monticello, and Jefferson’s personal retreat and plantation at Poplar Forest. These field schools offer a unique opportunity for students to make a contribution to the research and interpretation of early American history. Students receive graduate credits (Anthropology 5589) from the University of Virginia.

Each field school provides a foundation in current methods and theories of historical archaeology, and offers both the untrained and experienced student the opportunity to learn the practical skills of site survey, excavation, recording, and laboratory procedures. A good part of each day is spent doing excavation which requires physical endurance and excellent health. On-site instruction, lectures, discussion sessions, and field trips to other archaeological sites complement the field work.

We appreciate your forwarding this email to potential students. The links below will bring you directly to each property’s program.








U.Va. School of Continuing & Professional Studies
Zehmer Hall
P.O. Box 400764
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4764

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