Fea’s Christian Nation book nominated for George Washington Book Prize

If you have not heard the good news, Professor Fea’s book, Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction (Westminster John Knox Press 2011), has been nominated for the prestigious George Washington Book Prize.

As Washington College notes in the press release announcing the nominations:

Since his birth 280 years ago today, George Washington has received no small amount of attention from authors and publishers. The Library of Congress catalogue lists almost 1,200 books about the Father of Our Country, including more than 100 full-scale biographies, 60 volumes of letters and diaries, and entire works on topics such as Washington’s teeth, a chair he once owned, and his rescue of a British general’s stray dog in 1777. Countless more books have been published about the Revolutionary era on which he made his mark.

Each year, however, the George Washington Book Prize honors – with a $50,000 award – a single recent work on Washington or his times that stands above the others. …The award—which is co-sponsored by Washington College, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon—recognizes the past year’s best books on the nation’s founding era, especially those that have the potential to advance broad public understanding of American history.”


Join our department in congratulating Dr. Fea on this wonderful honor!

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