Junior and Senior History Majors: Don’t Forget Next Week’s Faith and History Colloquy

We hope that some of you might consider this opportunity to discuss faith and history more informally with the Messiah College history faculty.  If you are interested, please be sure to sign-up with Gina Hale by the end of this week (March 23).  The original e-mail is pasted below.  –Dr. Fea

Greetings History Majors!

As a department community we history professors have been thinking about ways to interact as a group with you on an informal basis outside the classroom and on the subject of how faith commitments relate to the study of history. You are probably familiar with our ongoing annual Faith and History Lecture in fall semesters, and we would like to try something new for spring semester this year.  And so we have planned an event that we hope will become an annual get-together between the history faculty and our junior and senior history majors: 

We invite all junior and senior history majors to join us in a Student-Faculty Colloquy[1] on Faith and History (a “brown bag” luncheon discussion) at which all of us will eat pizza and compare our perspectives on a publication about faith and history.  For this inaugural event we would like to discuss an article by Shirley Mullen (current president of Houghton College and a thoughtful Christian historian) entitled, “Between ‘Romance’ and ‘True History:’ Historical Narrative and Truth Telling in a Postmodern Age,” from the book History and the Christian Historian, ed. Ronald Wells (Eerdmans 1998).

The colloquy will take place on Tuesday 27 March from 12:25-1:55 in The Larsen Student Union Conference Room (the second floor glassed-in room).  So that we order the proper amount of pizza (a must!), would you please RSVP to this invitation and let us know if you will be able to join us?  Please just RSVP to Gina Hale as soon as possible at ghale@messiah.edu  Gina will provide you with a copy of the reading. 

If your schedule only allows you to partially attend please consider doing so anyway. We do hope you can join in the colloquy and we look forward to considering with you this interesting article on the intersections of Christian faith and history.  See you there!

The History Faculty:
John Fea
Joseph Huffman
Jim LaGrand
Bernardo Michael
David Pettegrew
Anne Marie Stoner-Eby
Norman Wilson

[1] col·lo·quy  (käləkwē)


  1. A conversation.
  2. A gathering for discussion of theological questions.


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