Teaching Job: Concord Christian Academy

Description: Concord Christian Academy is seeking an outstanding Middle School and High School Social Studies teacher. The applicant must have a master’s degree in Social Studies or History and the ability to teach college level dual credit courses to high school juniors and seniors. For more information please contact DeanWhiteway1@concordchristian.org.

Concord Christian Academy (CCA) is an independent Christian school serving Pre-K through 12th grade students drawn from a variety of churches and denominations in the Central New Hampshire (NH) region. The mission of CCA is “Building Integrity & Modeling Service.” The building of integrity and the modeling of serving one another is an intentional and integral part of our educational community. We endeavor to create a culture of servant leaders to face the current cultural challenges with moral strength and spiritual discernment, and to be known as the hands and feet of God’s love reaching out to those in need with compassionate care and selfless abandon.

CCA is accredited with both ACSI as well as NEASC (New England Schools and Colleges) and is blessed with a well-trained, highly-competent faculty and staff whose devotion to Christ, pursuit of excellence, and love for each and every student makes learning a joy.

CCA is committed to excellence in the education, development, and maturation of the whole person that promotes a life-long love for learning. Along with an engaging faculty and challenging curriculum, CCA has developed a dual credit program in partnership with the NH Community College and University System. CCA faculty with master’s degrees in their discipline serve as adjunct faculty with the colleges and provide students the opportunity to earn one or more years of college credit.

About Concord, New Hampshire

Concord, NH is a family-friendly community of around 40,000 located near the geographic center of the state. It is the state capital and a great place to raise a family and from which to enjoy the beauty and diversity of New England. Greater Concord boasts one of the finest health care networks north of Boston, tax-free shopping, and a surprising variety of theaters and other community activities.
Contact Dean W. Whiteway


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