Women’s Studies Intern Opening at Historical Society of Frederick County

The Historical Society of Frederick County, Maryland, is seeking a Frederick County Women’s Studies Intern to create a general survey of women’s history in Frederick County, Maryland, from its establishment to the present.  The intern should be an undergraduate, graduate or recent graduate.  This is an unpaid internship; however interns can earn college credit through their college’s internship program.

 The intern’s primary duties will be to research the museum’s resources to understand the role, impact and influence of women on the county’s history.  Women of all income levels, races and religions will be studied.  The intern will create a database and written materials to illustrate the findings.  The intern will utilize the museum’s collection and the archives and library to prepare the catalog of information on the findings. The research will be used to complete exhibits and publications in the future.  Information will be added to the collections database as it relates to specific collections.

The intern should have basic research skills.  Applicants should be studying history, anthropology, museum studies or a related subject.  Attention to detail is very important. Computer skills and the ability to climb stairs are required.  Applicants will possess the ability to work independently.  Knowledge of primary sources such as land, census and vital records would be beneficial, but not required.  The intern will be able to learn how to use these resources and more.

This internship is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the museum field, specifically in curation and research.  Interns with an interest in the museum profession are urged to apply.

The Historical Society of Frederick County requires a minimum of 2 months of 10 hours per work week.  Longer internships will be considered.  Start and end dates are flexible.  Intern is responsible for transportation and housing.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Carrie Blough, Curator, at cblough@hsfcinfo.org by May 25, 2012.

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