PKAP 2012 Season Begins

(Crossposted at The Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project)

At 5:15 AM, the cityscape of Larnaka is just beginning to appear in the dawn. This morning we will fully begin our work at the site of Pyla-Vigla. Remarkably, we have already been in Larnaca 10 days and will be here for another 15.  Almost halfway through our season, today is the first day of full excavation. Unlike previous seasons, we had a much delayed start in beginning work due to a firing competition on the Dhekelia British Base. So our work in the next few days will be intensive as we make up for lost days.

In the first 10 days on the island, the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project has been busy setting up the archaeological excavations, orienting students to Larnaca, visiting museums, and traveling to other sites and historic places on the island.

I have previously posted on our field season here. My colleague Bill Caraher has posted on the season at the New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World. See:

This blog will serve as the official staff blog of the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project for 2012We have also set up a student blog at a website with a URL similar to this one: There, students have discussed conversations with Cypriots, day trips to Nicosia, archaeology, and even a video.

While there have been far too many activities for me to post this blog, here is a summary log of the first part of our field season, with images:

Wednesday (May 16): Photo scavenger hunt of Larnaca in AM.

Thursday (May 17): Students tour Larnaca archaeology museums in the morning while Dallas DeForest and I meet with personnel of the Dhekelia Base to discuss logistics, environmental concerns, permissions, and site preparation.  Check to see that tools are still stored safely from our last excavation in 2009.Brandon Olson and Jeff Cheng arrived in the afternoon. Tour of historical Larnaka.

May 17 004May 17 006


May 17 013

Friday (May 18): Dallas and Liz DeForest lead students on a trip to Nicosia for tours of the Nicosia museum. Brandon and I remain in Larnaca to purchase basic supplies. Pick up Bill Caraher at noon from airport. Have weeds cut on Vigla. Dr. Sam Fee of Washington & Jefferson College releases new version of iPad PKapp.

Saturday (May 19): Our first day in the field. Full tour of the site in the morning, small team returns in afternoon to set up the total station.  Problems getting total station to work.



Sunday (May 20): Messiah College students and I visit church of Ayios Lazaros for liturgy, while Bill, Brandon, and Jeff go out to field to fix total station and set up trenches. In afternoon, everyone goes out to field for orientation to methods.

Monday (May 22): Dr. Sam Fee of Washington & Jefferson College releases updated version of iPad PKapp.Dallas DeForest and I meet with Dr. Hadjicosti to discuss plans and are approved officially for work. Bill discusses history of project with students. Orientation for students to working at the museum. In afternoon, start excavations at Pyla-Vigla in four trenches.




Tuesday (May 23): Field trip to Kourion and Choirokoitia


Wednesday (May 24): Field trip to Troodos mountains, Kykkos monastery, and the church of Ayios Yiannis Lambapdistris.


Thursday (May 25): Day of rest before three long days of excavation.

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