Attend the Bmore Historic “Unconference” on October 12

Students interest in public history, historic preservation, public history, and cultural heritage might be interested in attending Bmore Historic 2012.  Bmore Historic is a collaboration between local cultural and heritage nonprofits—including Baltimore Heritage, the Maryland Historical Society, UMBC, the Maryland Historical Trust, the Baltimore Cultural Education Roundtable (BCER) and the Maryland Humanities Council—to bring together a diverse group of professionals and volunteers to discuss shared issues and opportunities in our work.

The interactive, participant-led gathering will take place on Friday, October 12, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore. About 100 participants attended last year’s inaugural unconference, including librarians and archivists, urban planners, museum professionals, community activists, students and educators, oral historians, and artisans. Check out the Bmore Historic website for more information or go ahead and register for Bmore Historic today. If you want to learn more about of what topics the event might cover, take a look at last year’s website to browse through past session proposals. You can also join the conversation on the Bmore Historic Facebook Group or connect with Bmore Historic on Twitter @bmorehistoric.

Auni Husted
Program Assistant
Maryland Humanities Council
108 W. Centre Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(T) 410-685-3715
(F) 410-685-0795

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