“First Things” Magazine Seeks Junior Fellows

This comes from the First Things blog.  Stay tuned for further information.

In February we’ll be opening applications for next year’s junior fellowships, with an official announcement going up on our site on February 1. But it’s not too early to think of students and recent graduates who might benefit from the program.

The fellowship lasts a year, from August to August, with a usual but not necessary extension for a second year, when the fellow becomes an assistant editor. The junior fellows join fully into the editorial life of the magazine, doing grunt work (like moderating the comments on this blog) and more enjoyable things, like editing manuscripts for the web and magazine, discussing submissions, writing for the blog, and participating in the seminars and conferences we hold. They also receive instruction in writing and editing from our very capable senior editors.

The fellows receive a small stipend as well as an apartment in the townhouse owned by the Community of Christ in the city, a community founded by Father Neuhaus with a simple rule (evening prayer on weekdays and a community dinner on Saturday nights, as well as assigned chores). The house is a twelve minute walk from the office, which is a few blocks north of Union Square in the lower part of Manhattan. If you know a young person eager for hard but rewarding work, please tell them to watch this space come February.

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