Does the College Major Matter?

“Not really,” says Jeffrey L. Selingo, editor at large for The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Selingo argues that the major does not really matter, as long as the student finds it interesting.  Here is a taste:

These are many of the same qualities that employers say, in survey after survey, they want in future workers. Hiring managers complain that they often find today’s college graduates lacking in interpersonal skills, problem solving, effective written and oral communication skills, the ability to work in teams, and critical and analytical thinking. Employers say that future workplaces need degree holders who can come up with novel solutions to problems and better sort through information to filter out the most critical pieces.

Selingo concludes that if a student focuses on the following activities, his or her major “will not matter as much”:

1.  Seek passionate faculty members

2.  Dive deep into a research project

3.  Go on a transformative global experience

4.  Be creative.  Take risks.  Learn how to fail

This is some useful information for explaining to friends and family members why you decided to follow your interests and passions by studying history in college.

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