Spend a Fully-Funded Year Pursuing the Christian Intellectual Life on the Chesapeake Bay

I just received word that there are still openings available in the Trinity Forum Academy program.  Here is what is all about:

Each year the Trinity Forum Academy grants full fellowships to twelve outstanding young professionals, scholars, and artists to study, serve, and worship together for nine months at their campus on the Chesapeake Bay. The vision of the Academy is to prepare generations of young leaders to better understand their calling to follow Christ so that they may more boldly and faithfully serve as leaders in their future career fields. The Academy curriculum is led by Senior Faculty members Drs. William Edgar, Os Guinness, and Joseph “Skip” Ryan and focuses on areas of spiritual formation, philosophy and theology, and understanding modern cultural trends.

Topics addressed throughout the year include the arts, science, civic responsibility, globalization, and business and entrepreneurship. Guest faculty and speakers include authors Kelly Kullberg, Andy Crouch, and Greg Wolfe, artist Makoto Fujimura, IJM President Gary Haugen, astronomer Jennifer Wiseman, and others. Fellows are partnered with an experienced mentor and complete a personalized project during the year. Strong candidates demonstrate high leadership potential within their field and have two or more years of professional or academic experience.

For more information:



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