History Majors at Their Best (and Worst)

Here are some great tweets from #historymajorproblems and #historymajor

The question was “What is one of the 5 Marx brothers?” And my mom & me answered Karl

Its 1:00 am and I’m reading the Declaration of Independence for fun!!

3,312 words, thirteen pages, & 54 footnotes later and I’m still not done talking about fort lee during the revolution 

Charlie Sheen has nothing on Caligula

You would be more interesting if you were dead

Minimum paper lengths are no problem. Maximum paper lengths are a huge problem

I loved Wizard of Oz as a child but I love it even more being a history major and realizing its historical symbolism   

Watching Gettysburg gives me chills

Call me crazy… But I’m missing lectures, researching, and writing papers

Sitting in bed sick with the flu and watching John Adams

People give me a weird look when I say I have a favorite ancient civilization

I really wanna watch all these history specials but I only got time to watch the ones on the byzantine empire

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