Lucy Barnhouse (History ’08) Featured on Messiah College Home Page

Lucy_wLucy Barnhouse left the Messiah College History Department in May 2008 with big dreams of becoming a medieval historian.  She was accepted to the Ph.D program at Fordham University with a full scholarship and teaching assistantship.  She is now closer than ever to her dream.  Lucy just received a highly competitive and very prestigious Fullbright Research Fellowship to spend the next year conducting research in Germany.   Check out the Messiah College home page for more about Lucy’s story, including her debt to her mentor, Dr. Joseph Huffman.  Here is a taste:

…Applying for the Fulbright last September, Barnhouse proceeded to endure a long waiting process. She worked with a professor in Mainz, Germany, to assure the university there could host her, obtained certification of language proficiency and interviewed with a panel of Fordham faculty to explain her research goals. In January, she received news that she was in the finalist round and in March, the greatly anticipated news of acceptance finally came.

Her undergraduate mentor, Huffman, wasn’t surprised Barnhouse won this significant award.

“As I supervised her senior honors project it was clear that she also had developed a keen mind that was sensitive to historical thinking, the humanity of her subjects and study, and could integrate a wide range of evidence into a very coherent way of understanding,” says Huffman.

Barnhouse will begin her time in Germany in mid-July to reacquaint herself with the German language, visit friends and family and attend operas. She will begin her research in September, reading and transcribing the archives in Mainz, including donation charters, hospital statutes, rent agreements, court cases and papal and episcopal letters from the thirteenth century. Barnhouse also looks forward to enjoying the German culture while there and has plans to join a choir, take long walks and bicycle rides and eat good German bread.

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