Lecture on the Digital Humanities: Thursday, October 24

History Majors and Public History students:

I strongly encourage you to attend William Pannapacker’s lecture tomorrow night on the digital humanities.  I know many of you are thinking about taking Dr. Pettegrew’s digital history course next Spring or are considering careers in public history.   If you fit the bill, or if you are just curious about digital history and how it relates to your liberal arts education, you will learn a lot from this lecture.  Again, for all of you future digital historians and public historians, this is a lecture you do not want to miss.

Here is everything you need to know:

Join us for an exciting opportunity to hear more about the development of the Digital Humanities and their impact on education in various majors.  William Pannapacker, Professor of English and Director of the Mellon Scholars Program in Arts and Humanities at Hope College, will be visiting campus to deliver a lecture entitled “The Digital Humanities and the Future of the Liberal Arts.”

William Pannapacker is an American professor of English literature, an academic administrator, and a higher education journalist.  He is the author of Revised Lives: Walt Whitman and Nineteenth-Century Authorship, and numerous articles on American literature and culture, higher education, and the Digital Humanities.  He has been a columnist for The Chronicle of Higher Education since 1998, and he is a contributor to The New York Times and Slate Magazine.  He is the founding director of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholars Programs in the Arts and Humanities at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  According to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, “in the world of education journalism, there are few opinion voices as potent as that of William Pannapacker.”

Pannapacker will also be speaking this weekend at THATCamp Harrisburg.  This is also something that future digital and public historians should consider attending.

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