Dr. Anne Marie Stoner-Eby Accepts Leadership Position at Mennonite Central Committee

We just learned the big news that Dr. Anne Marie Stoner-Eby has accepted a leadership position directing the Rwanda and Burundi programs of the Mennonite Central Committee. Anne Marie and her husband Scott (together with their children Samuel and Luke) will depart the U.S. in February and immediately begin language training (French) to prepare themselves to assume leadership roles by mid-summer. Beginning in spring semester, then, Dr. Stoner-Eby has resigned her position as faculty in the history department.

We are certainly going to miss Dr. Stoner-Eby but are also excited about the opportunities she now has to transfer her love of history to leadership programs in Rwanda and Burundi. We are especially grateful for her service to our department and college, her course offerings in the history of Africa and the Middle East, her spearheading the Peace and Conflict Studies program, and her commitment to the area of global education.

Toward the end of the semester, we will gather at some point to send off Dr. Stoner-Eby. Join us in praying for her as she moves in this new direction.

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