New Digital History Course to be offered in Spring

Interested in bringing history together with digital media? Or learning how to use digital tools for historical ends? History 394 (“Digital History”) will explore the field of Digital History (and Digital Humanities more broadly) and will introduce students to a range of practical applications such as GIS (for mapping space), Omeka (for managing data), Zotero (managing bibliography), and WordPress, among others. We will use these tools to work on a number of practical history projects during the semester.

Here’s the course description:

What does it mean to practice history in the digital age? In this course, we explore how technology is changing the way we think about, research, and present the past. Our emphasis will be on the practice of digital history through specific exercises in GIS, data collection and manipulation, internet archiving, database creation, website development, social media, image and video editing, and digitization. Through a range of applications, tools, and collaborative exercises, we will see how digital tools readily intersect with the practice of history and how these applications are changing the way we understand our discipline.

The course meets on T R 10:45-12:15. Contact David Pettegrew if you have questions.

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