4 Entry Level Curatorial Positions Open at the Pennsylvania State Museum.

Museum Curator History 1 (4 Positions)
County: Dauphin
Work Location: The State Museum of Pennsylvania 300 North Street Harrisburg, PA 17120
Type of Job: Civil Service
Union: No Union Representation (Not subject to provisions of a union agreement.)
Bargaining Unit: C4
Seniority Unit: Headquarters
Type Position: Limited Term / Full Time
Hourly Wage: $19.97 – $30.35
Pay Schedule / Range: ST / ST06
Posting Length: 15 days
Posting Dates: 12/3/2013 – 12/17/2013
Contact Number:
(717)772-2839 or slatin@pa.gov

WORK HOURS: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

PLEASE NOTE: These are limited term positions, lasting less than two (2) years. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This posting is for four (4) positions: #50438121, #50438122, #50438123, and #50438124.

Description of Duties:
Assists with design, installation, and dismantling of exhibits and related duties as assigned; catalogues new acquisitions and assists with collection inventories and updating collection records; enters collection data in CuadraSTAR database; and assists with loans and answering questions about collection from the public and/or other institutions. Orders exhibit and collection care supplies. Helps with supervising and directing interns and volunteers. Incumbent is responsible to be familiar with PHMC general safety rules and safety rules specific to this position; for working in a safe manner and following all PHMC safety rules; to immediately report all workplace incidents to their supervisor; and to immediately correct any safety hazards in the work area or report same to supervisor.

Essential Functions:
* Follow standard physical inventory procedures * Identify and solve problems relating to inventory and other collection records * Use a computer and PHMC database programs * Lift and carry up to 20 pounds * Climb ladders and steps * Bend to retrieve artifacts * Catalogue artifacts and works of art * Communicate effectively both orally and in writing * Perform basic mathematics calculations

Last Date Job Applications Will Be Accepted: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recruitment Method(s):

Applicants must meet one (or more) of the following methods(s) to be considered for this vacancy:
 Transfer
 Reassignment
 Voluntary Demotion

Eligibility – all candidates
1. Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job: One year of museum curatorial experience in the care and exhibiting of museum collections of historical significance, and a bachelor’s degree; OR A master’s degree in American History, Fine Arts, or related fields, or one or more of the Sciences, which included courses dealing with historical treatment of aesthetic and/or social and/or scientific, industrial, and technological developments in America; and including or supplemented by either a museum studies course at the graduate level recognized by the American Association of Museums or a museum internship; OR Any equivalent combination of experience and training which would afford the applicant the required knowledge, skills, and

2. Pennsylvania residency requirement waived.

3. Be eligible for selection in accordance with Civil Service rules.
How to apply – all candidates:

The following materials must be mailed and postmarked on or before Tuesday, December 17, 2013:

1. Completed Civil Service Application (0.40 MB)
2. Most Recent Employee Performance Review
3. Submit a request for consideration in the form of a memorandum, letter, or bid form which must be accompanied a resume which reflects work history and education.

If interested in applying by mail, please send above specified materials to: CONTACT PERSON: Sue Latin ADDRESS: PA Historical and Museum Commission 300 North Street Harrisburg, PA 17120 TELEPHONE: 717-772-2839 EMAIL: slatin@pa.gov

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