Scholarship Opportunity

Here is a great scholarship opportunity.  I am told that they are giving humanities students a series look.  –JF





Application Due Date: February 7, 2014

 Clark Associates, Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in Central Pennsylvania, and employer to several Messiah College alumni, is sponsoring five $2,000 scholarships

available to current juniors who show outstanding leadership skills.

Clark’s success is a result of its hard working, intelligent and entrepreneurial employees.  The company is looking to identify five Messiah College students who have demonstrated leadership abilities and will serve as the 2014 Clark Scholarship recipients.

Clark Associates, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Lancaster, PA employing over 700 people including more than 20 Messiah College alumni. Clark’s multiple divisions and branches in mechanical, sales and manufacturing serve a variety of commercial food service customers nationwide.  For more information on our business and history, please visit

The scholarship application (located on the next page) must be completed and submitted by February 7, 2014.  Applications should be emailed directly to:

Mr. Samuel Clement

Clark Associates, Inc.

40 Citation Lane,

Lititz, PA, 17543

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of Clark Associates and Messiah College employees.  The committee will notify all finalists by February 14, 2014.  These finalists will be asked to participate in final campus interviews, after which the five scholarship recipients will be selected.

The announcement of the recipients will be made on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at a luncheon for all finalists and other student leadership groups from Messiah, held in the Howe Atrium of Boyer Hall at 12:00 p.m.

All questions regarding this scholarship program may be addressed to Susan Mayernick, Regional Development Officer and Heritage Society Advisor at: or by calling 766-2511, extension 7282.

Clark Associates Scholarship Program for Messiah Student Leaders

Application Requirements:

1.)    Must be a current junior at Messiah College (qualified by credits) who demonstrates leadership skills.

2.)    Submit your resume.  Please include a list of extracurricular activities, awards or other recognitions. (see mailing instructions and deadlines on the preceding page)

3.)    Choose one of the following questions to answer with a one-page response:

  1. Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school.
  1. What are your major accomplishments, and why do you consider them accomplishments?  How do they relate to your field of study and future goals?
  1. Describe examples of your leadership experience in which you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.
  1. Describe a specific activity or organization in which you were directly involved as a leader. What challenges did you face, how did you resolve them, and what did you learn about yourself in the process?

4.)    Choose one of the following questions to answer with a one-page response:

  1. Teamwork generates conflicts. People have different ideas and they wish to do things differently. When you were confronted with such a situation, how did you bring dissenting voices together?
  1. An army colonel once stated, “Leadership is about comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.” What did he or she mean? What do you think true leadership is?
  1. If your teacher informed you that pink houses require fewer repairs than other houses, you might question him or her. Give an example of a time when you were challenged with new information of which you were skeptical. How did you decide whether or not to believe it? Would you do anything differently today?
  1. What has been the most challenging aspect of attending College for you? What have you done to overcome that challenge?  Why did you choose this field of study and where do you hope it leads you in the future?
  1. Leaders have the ability to ask outstanding questions that make people think and inspire action.  What question do you feel you should answer for this scholarship application? Tell us your question, and provide your answer.

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