Teaching Opening in Salt Lake City, Utah

Job Description, Call for Applicants

2014 9th Grade

Rowland Hall St Marks School seeks a teacher of history to develop a curriculum for 9th-grade students. Rowland Hall is a college-preparatory, service-oriented K-12 school nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the past decade, first-year students in the Upper School have studied the history of Asia and the Middle East by tracing the Silk Road. Sophomores investigate the history of Europe while juniors examine the history of the United States. Candidates for this position are invited to propose a freshman curriculum, potentially including but not limited to Latin American, Middle Eastern, African or Asian history.  In addition, Rowland Hall seeks a teacher whose interest in education extends to leadership within a grade-level team.  All teachers participate in the life of the school through clubs, sports, the arts, and service.

Candidates should submit a CV, cover letter, and letters of recommendation. The committee also invites proposals or sample syllabi outlining a freshman curriculum. Bachelor’s degree required.


Submit CV, cover letter, and letters of recommendations to:

Linda Hampton, Administrative Asst.

Rowland Hall

843 S. Lincoln St., SLC, UT 84102

or via email at lindahampton@rowlandhall.org

Website: rowlandhall.org
Primary Category: Social Sciences
Secondary Categories: African History / Studies
Asian History / Studies
Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies
Middle East History / Studies
Posting Date: 02/19/2014
Closing Date 05/23/2014

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