Service Day 2014 at Asper Burial Ground

Those of you who have followed this blog in the past will know of the work of the history department and the Oakes Museum at the Asper Burial Ground (aka Little Bermudian Cemetery) in northern York County. During Service Day 2011, the History Club and the Oakes Museum planned the cemetery and plotted graves, photographed and transcribed stones, and surveyed the area for missing stones. The following year, we excavated the bordering embankment demarcating the field in search of stones bulldozed decades earlier.

Then came our work last fall (see our posts here and here) when my historical archaeology class conducted ground-penetrating radar at the site and began the paperwork to register the site with the state.

I’m pleased to announce that the History club and Oakes Museum will once more partner for a Service Day in two weeks (April 10) to finish our work at the site. If you’re interested in signing up for this event, visit this site for registration. You can also contact me, Eli Kane, Katy Kaslow, or Beki Randolph for more information. We would love for you to join us.

Event summary as follows:

This event is sponsored by the History Club, Department of History, and Oakes Museum of Natural History. We will be working to preserve an 18th century historic cemetery known as the Asper Burial Grounds and the "Little Bermudian Brethren Cemetery". Activities will include the following: 1. We will excavate an embankment that we suspect contains bulldozed gravestones. 2. We will document gravestones 3. We will work to complete a Pennsylvania Bureau of Historic Preservation Cemetery Survey Form to register the site with the state 4. We will conduct coring tests within the cemetery in areas we suspect have buried tombstones. 5. We will weed the cemetery with gardening tools 6. We will take photographs.

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