HIST 399 Topics Courses in Fall 2014

The History Department will be offering two TOPICS (399) courses in the Fall.

HIST 399 (1):  The History of American Evangelicalism

Taught by Dr. Fea, this course will examine the history of born-again Christianity in American history, from the colonial times to the present.  We will begin with the early American religious revivals known as the First and Second Great Awakenings and end with the modern-day megachurch movement.  In between we will discuss everything the relationship between evangelicalism and democracy, the role of the Bible in America, the Scopes Trial, fundamentalism, D.L. Moody, the rise of the Christian college, Billy Graham, the Religious Right, and a host of other topics.  The course will be taught as either a lecture course or seminar, depending on the number of people who enroll.  It meets on MWF from 2:00-2:50.  Dr. Fea is extremely excited to teach this course.  It will count toward an American history 300-level elective or a free 300-level  history major elective.


HIST 399 (2): TBA (Non-Western)

This course will be taught by the non-western historian we hire for one year to replace Dr. Stoner-Eby.  It will most likely focus on the history of Africa, Asia, or the Middle East.  (It will depend on who we hire).  It will count for non-western 300-level credit or a free 300-level major free elective.  Check back with the blog in late April or early May for more details.  This course will meet on Tuesday and Thursday 1:20-2:35



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