Archaeology Courses in 2014-2015

Interested in conducting archaeological work through formal history courses next year?

In the fall, I will run “Archaeology and Historical Interpretation” (HIST 305) again. The course offers an introduction to the modern discipline of archaeology as it relates to historical analysis, interpretation, and presentation. We will focus on the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean and will master the principles of method and interpretation by participating in local archaeological work in the Harrisburg region. Our emphasis will be on learning through experience and collaborative research. The course is also a service learning class.

In the course, we will be doing a considerable amount of excavation to ground-truth the results of our Ground-Penetrating Radar survey at the Stouffer Farm and Trindle Spring Lutheran Church last fall. I am also planning a period of analysis and interpretation of the artifacts at the Oakes Museum of Natural History, as well as documentary research with local archives.

In May-term, I will be delivering “Archaeology and History of Cyprus” (HIST 319). We will be carrying out a season of study of the artifacts excavated in the 2012 season at the Larnaka District Archaeological Museum. We will also tour the country and visit archaeological and cultural sites across the island. We may be doing some limited new fieldwork but the nature of that work will not be known until fall.

Finally, I am tentatively planning a “History and Archaeology of Greece” class in May-term 2016. In that class, we would stay in Ancient Corinth for 3-4 weeks and conduct research related to Greek history.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, send me an email or stop by my office.

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