Medieval History: Fall 2014

With registration now open, here’s one more upper-division history class for fall: Dr. Huffman’s “Medieval Europe” (HIST 310). Here’s a primer:

The course offers a survey of the cultural, social, economic, religious, and political developments in Europe from the eighth to fifteenth centuries A.D. Major themes include the emergence of medieval social institutions and modes of thought, Christian monasticism and spirituality, and the cultural interactions of the Latin West, the Byzantine East, and the Islamic world.

The course will entail the emergence of "the West" from its Carolingian foundations through eras punctuated by prosperity, rapid growth, reform, and renewal as well as by warfare, pestilence, and dislocation.  In all this there will be an emphasis on (a) primary-source analysis of classic texts of medieval spirituality and (b) historiographical debates about the meanings of the Middle Ages for peoples and nations during the modern era as well as into the 21st century.

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