Are You Going to the Messiah College Career and Graduate School Expo on Monday?

Consider stopping by the Career and Graduate School Expo on Monday and chatting with some potential employers and graduate school representatives.  Many of you have been giving serious thought to how your history major might translate in the marketplace.  An event like this give you a wonderful opportunity to chat with potential employers and “sell” your history degree and the transferable skills that come with it.  I strongly encourage you to visit.

Are you thinking about graduate school?  There will be representatives from several graduate schools, even some in history. For example, I just received this e-mail from Crystal Nielson.  She will be at the Career and Graduate School Expo representing the University of Delaware’s Historic Preservation graduate program and is eager to chat with history majors.  I am going to try to stop by and say hello to her and I hope you will too!  Here is the e-mail from Crystal:

I just want to introduce myself briefly since I will be attending the Messiah grad school fair on Monday. I represent the School of Public Policy & Administration (SPPA) at University of Delaware, and we offer very 6 very well-respected, interdisciplinary graduate programs — I thought that the M.A. in Historic Preservation might be particularly interesting to some of your seniors studying history who might be interested in a career working with historic buildings and properties.

SPPA houses 4 renowned research and public service centers, through which many of our graduate students are offered Research Assistantships (90% tuition scholarship + stipend) and all of our students benefit from opportunities for experiential learning. One of these centers is the Center for Historic Architecture and Design, which employs many of our Historic Preservation students and regularly contributes important research to the field. We also offer many study abroad opportunities for our grad students to get international perspectives on policy and urban issues. 
There are many more details about our programs available on our website, and I would welcome the opportunity to meet you or some of your students at the fair on Monday. Also, SPPA is hosting an informational open house on our campus at UD on November 21, and we would love to host your students at that event (see attached flier). Please pass along this information or my contact details to any of your faculty or advisees as you see fit.

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