History on the Bridge Rebooted

The History Department at Messiah College is pleased to announce new changes to the History on the Bridge blog. In the past, we have used this site mainly to keep our students and alum informed about internships, lectures, and courses, and secondarily to communicate more content-heavy reviews of student activities, faculty-student research, and alumni accomplishments, among others. We recently realized that most of these ‘announcements’ and opportunities already reach our students and alum through the History Department Facebook Page, and that this site is somewhat redundant in that respect. We have decided, therefore, to post only those events and opportunities (such as internships) that we want to archive on the web, and to move most of our ephemeral material to the Facebook page. 

As for this site, we aim to deliver more stories, analysis, and scholarly reviews from students and faculty. We hope that History on the Bridge will become mainly populated with interesting content, interviews, and reports from the field that give the reader a sense of the versatile activities of our students, faculty, and program.

You will be hearing quite a lot from history major Emily La Bianca, who will act as editor in chief for the semester. She has commissioned six history majors to post weekly at the site through the end of spring semester. Those star students can introduce themselves briefly in their posts, or in their avatar blog bios.

Thanks for visiting our site. Check back in for the new content over the course of the semester!

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