History in Cyprus

Our spring semester ended as it usually does in a mad rush of final exams, senior honors presentations, end-of-year festivities, and graduation. I had hoped to post at least some photos of these events but never found the free moment (you can find some of the highlights at the department’s FB page). In fact, right after graduation, I departed with a group of nine students of mixed majors (History especially, but also Engineering and Education) to the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean for several weeks of cross-cultural immersion and archaeological investigation. We’re wrapping up our final week here on the island and are celebrating both a productive archaeological season and a great time together.

Students have blogged about their archaeological and cultural experiences at the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological undergraduate blog. Some of their insightful posts include:

Check them out if you have a moment. From my end, we have all had a great experience here. We carried out a good week of Ground-Penetrating Radar at a late Roman coastal town and a Hellenistic acropolis site. We catalogued, photographed, and studied hundreds of objects from our previous excavations. We conducted a day of archaeological survey at the Hellenistic site. And we’ve traveled to places that have caused us to pause at the great antiquity of the civilizations in Cyprus. Most interestingly, students have used their free time to talk to people, engage in conversations, and hear the stories of vacationers, immigrants, and locals here in Larnaca.

I include below some of the images from our time on the island. Check in at the undergraduate blog for additional student perspectives over the next week.

IMG_4551 IMG_4565 IMG_4606IMG_4566   IMG_4481 IMG_4495 IMG_4503 IMG_4518 IMG_4523 IMG_4543IMG_4446

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