History Club Picnic this Saturday

Here’s a message from the History Club officers about the spring picnic on Saturday:

It will take place at Dr. LaGrand’s home just a few minutes from campus. We will be providing lots of great food, like grilled items, veggies and fruits, chips, and desserts just to name some things off the top of my head. We will meet up in front of Boyer at 11:55am on Saturday, April 29th, to transport interested individuals to Dr. LaGrand’s house.

This is an event that usually includes a number of students and professors, so we hope you decide to come! Also, in addition to amazing free food and socialization, Dr.  LaGrand has kindly offered his game and activities collection to us. So, there will be plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy!

 Thanks for reading this and we hope to see you there,

 History Club Officers (Kayla, Josh, Sarah, and Rachel)

Quick Recap:

-4/29 Picnic from 12pm to ~2pm at Dr. LaGrand’s house

-Meet at Boyer at 11:55 that morning

-Food, beverages, chatting with professors, indoor and outdoor games


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