“How the Progressive Presidency Paved the Way for Donald Trump” by Adam Dawes

… Starting in the progressive era around the turn of the 20th century, power, promises, and personality have been some of the major elements in determining presidents. Without the progressive model of the presidency, there would be no Donald Trump.

One of the presidents who used the expanded power of the office and grew it even more was Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1930s. Roosevelt’s presidency promised hope and action. In his first inaugural address, Roosevelt repeatedly used the words “action” and “act:” “We must act. We must act quickly.” And again: “This nation is asking for action, and action now.” Perhaps Roosevelt and Trump aren’t as different as they initially appear. Trump is certainly promising bold actions….

If not for progressivism and FDR, the office of the presidency would be much different today. Without this historical influence, Americans might have voted for a president who maintained the status quo and barely got involved…. However, progressivism and FDR’s presidency did occur, and have initiated the rise of Donald Trump through his power, promises, and personality traits. In an America that worships greatness, it’s a wonder that so many people were shocked at the outcome of the 2016 election. After all, there’s an appeal about any man or woman who promises to “Make America Great Again.”